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In every second in the virtual world there are many payment transactions, so the circulation of money was going on here, not only in the offline market.
Various payment systems are used, ranging from transfers between bank accounts, checks, exchange coupons, offline money transfer, COD (Cash On Delivery), up through the online payment service provider, which is like Paypal, Alipay (China), Alertpay, and so forth. The most widely used is Paypal as nearly 90% pay sites or use it to transact virtual world.

By title lighter note this does not use a credit card? is it true?

Wrong!, But if we only use the Paypal account to receive payments rather than for payment, so we can use it.
In the Paypal account, credit card used to verify the account. which means that this account will be used as payment and the payee.

Do not be disappointed once, the most important thing we now make a paypal account in advance, credit card later.

Let's get started:

First the rules you have Bank account (Indonesia Bank : BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Mega, Lippo, Danamon, CIMB, etc.) that supports VISA or Master Card.

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