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Hi netters & Bloggers
Online shop will be discussed again in this post.
If we get around in cyberspace, and encounter a variety of online stores, we will feel the desire to have a personal online store.
With the view is breathtaking and always updating, as well as attractive price. an online store to get more customers from all over the world.
Amazon, who did not know him?
the world's largest online store, with various categories of products on offer, which is certainly an attractive wholesale prices. Amazon deserved it.

But netters and bloggers, we do not just look and admire it.
Find opportunities to the world's largest online store, is there that we can make a profit or make revenue for us.
Of course Amazon do not just sell products, there are few opportunities for the bloggers in it.
Amazon cooperation provided to the bloggers ranging from e-store, affiliate, widgets, advertising, etc.
How can we work with amazon?
Very easy!
A. Create an account on amazon
2. Join in association amazon blog
3. Complete data content of your blog, if you have more than one blog put all, a maximum of 5 blog
4. Select the type of cooperation you want, such as advertising
5. Select the banner according to the category you want, copy the HTML code.
6. Open your blog settings
7. Open Layout

8. Click add widget
9. Click on HTML / JavaScript
10. Paste the HTML code has been copied
11. Save
12. Set Banner Placement by way of being moved to positions of interest and save

for others such as widgets, e-store, affiliate, you learn to use the help menu from amazon.

Good luck and get as much income from amazon

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